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About Costa Rica
Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

Costa Rica (spanish for rich coast, former Kostarika) is a country in Central America. It is boardered to Nicaragua in the north and Panama to the south. Costa Rica is bounded by the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with an incredible flora and fauna. Nowhere else on earth you will find such a large diversity on so little space. It' also gratifying that the small coutry of Costa Rica receives it's natural resources for future generations.

Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

Topographically, Costa Rica can be divided into five major areas: in the volcanic mountains of the Cordilleras, the Central Valley to the capital, San José, the alluvial plains of the Caribbean coast, the central Pacific coast and the dry Nicoya Peninsula in the Northwest. In the Cordilleras, there are a lot more active and extinct volcanoes, including Turrialba. The three most visited are the Volcán Poás (2704 meters), Arenal (1633 meters) and the Irazu (3432 meters). The Chirripo Grande (3820 meters) is the highest mountain in the country.

Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

The climate of Costa Rica is characterized by two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November, the dry season from December to April. Because of its location between 8 ° and 11 ° north latitude, Costa Rica is in the tropics, however, the rainfall differs significantly. In San Jose the average rainfall is about 1867 mm, in Puerto Limón on the Caribbean coast the average is 3518 mm, almost twice as much.

Costa Rica VIP - Luxus Immobilien in Costa Rica

Nature conservation: Around 27% of the area of Costa Rica are protected. Issued in the legislation of 1969 for the preservation of the forest, Santa Rosa was the first National Park established on the northwest of the country on the Pacific Coast. Simultaneously, a National Park Authority was created, but first had neither sufficient funds nor personnel to effectively protect the park against farmers and settlers. Thanks to the private initiative of individuals (see: Rainforest of the Austrians) the situation improved significantly. More than 20 National Pars are scattered throughout the country with very different characteristic features.

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