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General rental and booking conditions of the Villa Pacific Ocean

1. Booking and volume of the rental contract
Rental contract starts with renter´s signature via fax, email or mail. Rental contract is not connected to other terms like insurances or flight tickets. Part of the contract is the object described at internet. It is not permitted to overcrowd the villa with more persons than confirmed via rental contract. The landlord or the property management are allowed to deny access to the villa or to cash extra charges in cases of overcrowding. The booking will be perfomed via rental contract. The signee (renter) is responsible for all persons, who are allowed to live in the villa, in the same way like the renter is responsible for his own acting. The booking, special requests or agreements are only valid with landlord´s written confirmation.

2. Residence
Only the persons, who are listed and were confirmed in the rental contract, are allowed to be accommodated. Extra persons until limit to 6 have to sign up with the property management or the landlord. Extra persons will be extra charged.

3. Duties to the landlord
The renter has to use the villa carefully. He is obliged to signal/report all damages to the property management. All damages (for example at technical equipment, furnitures, carpets, walls, etc.) are to be paid. The landlord is allowed to balance the loss with the rental deposit. The renter is obliged to signal/report all damages within 24 hours of arrival, otherwise the renter will be liable for the loss. The renter is obliged to signal/report disturbances or problems to the property management just to be solved. If reasonable the renter has to participate in solving the problem, just to keep problems small. The renter has to grant free access for the personnel at every time to the pool and garden area. The renter is responsible to keep the object clean. The renter is obliged to leave the rental object in a proper condition at departure time. Not cleaning up will be charged to the renter. The grill has to be cleaned up after each grilling.

4. Arrival and Departure
Key handing over will be performed by the property management at agreed time. Access to the villa is going to be at 4:00 p.m. at arrival day. The latest check out at departure day will be 12:00 a.m. Other agreements are possible but to be confirmed in written form. For the returnal of the villa has to be made an appointment with the property management 2 days before departure.

5. Rental deposit

Agreed terms of rental deposit and outstanding payment are to be paid via transfer 4 weeks before rental starts. Rental deposit is meant for any costs which may arise (damages at villa or furnishings, etc.). Accounting is going to start 6 weeks after rental time. Payback of rental deposit does not exclude later, valid damage claims of the landlord.

6. Payments
Accounted deposit (20% of the billing amount) is to be paid via same-day transfer or in cash starting from renter´s signature. Accounted deposit depends on period of tenancy and the temporal gap to arrival. The amount left is to be paid via transfer or in cash 4 weeks before arrival.

7. Additional Costs
Included are the costs for villa instructions, water, fees for the trash collection, high-speeded-internet and the costs for the pool and garden services.

8. Changed Booking, resignation, demolition
Rebookings after final rental contract are resignations and are to seen as new bookings. In fact terms of resignation are going to be used. Cancellation costs: until 60 days to rental start - costs are 20% of rent. Until 30 days to rental start - costs are 100% of rent. Cancellation or reversal, or parts of them, have to be in written form. Responsible for passing the limit is the receipt of the written declaration to the landlord. Post-reduction of the confirmed persons or breaking off do not lead to decrease of the agreed rent. Refunds are not granted – not either in cases of cancellation, reversals or earlier departures caused by adverse weather conditions or announced hurricans or floodings. To sign a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

9. Pets / ban on smoking
Pets are not allowed. Smoking in the villa is prohibited. Smoking at terrace is permitted. Renter is liable for the loss in cases of not paying regard to the rules/prohibtitions.

10. Liability
The landlord is only responsible for careful booking and availability of the villa. The landlord is explicitly neither liable for direct or indirect damages to property or damages to body to the renter or a third person nor for accidents. The landlord is explicitly neither liable for direct or indirect damages to property or damages to body, which are result of technical defects, carelessness, negligence, improper use in and at the leased property and its furnishings. The landlord explicitly declares parental responsibility und liability in cases of participating kids or juveniles. The declaration is valid for the whole leased property, especially for the pool area. The landlord is allowed to cancel the rental contract due to circumstances beyond our control, like natural events, vermin bother, etc. Following the landlord will pay back paid amount partially. Additional liability is ruled out, also at occurrence of unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances, like regulatory action. Noise annoyance at times in the locality of the leased property is unavoidable. In fact of this noise annoyance, noise or neighbor annoyance are no reasons for rent reduction. Rental contract is under private law. The landlord is not a travel business, following travel law is not to be used – in not any case.

11. Competent court (of jurisdiction)
With realization of the rental contract and with signature of the renter, the renter does accept booking terms. If one of the clauses is invalid (authorized by law), the parties will find a valid clause to replace the invalid clause. Left Clauses are not touched. In cases of quarrels based on rental contract, Costa Rican Law is to be used. Competent court (of jurisdiction) is San José, Costa Rica..

12. Saving Clause
Invalidity of single agreements or clauses (by act of law) of rental contract or of this rental term does not lead to invalidity of the whole rental contract. Invalid clauses (by act of law) are to be replaced with adequate clauses. Potential gaps are to be closed in analogy to the left clauses of the rental contract and these conditions. With realization of rental contract, the renter does accept this booking terms and conditions.

Download the general booking terms and conditions here

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